Robo Advisory- New Scope of Fintech

Fintech is a leading space today providing a variety of solutions to the problems that the users face in the banking and financial industry. Some of the prominent examples include digital lending and credit facilitation, mobile payment gateway services, mobile banking, crypto currency and bitcoins, insurance and trading. With the coming generations preferring digitalised streams and fewer human contact and greater financial independence, fintechs are disrupting the space by providing alternatives to traditional models. One such is the robo advisory.

Robo advisors are digital platforms that have very little human contact, allowing absolute control of financial decisions onto the users and employing state-of-the-art technology to ramp up investments and portfolio management. They use mathematical modelling, machine learning and algorithms to drive investment services and are a cheaper alternate to the human one. However, they are suited to performing straightforward and simple investment decisions while complex issues still require human intervention. Benefits of these include round the clock services, lesser capital intensive, efficiency and time bound decisions.

Emergence of Bambu in Robo Advisory

There are several robo advisors in the market some of which are a by-product of a fintech company, one such company is the fintech called Bambu which is a Singapore headquartered fintech with a global presence and clients are of repute and high-profile banks with over 70 employees. It has two forms of robo advisor app which are white label solutions for clients to use and deploy. Bambu build is suited for customisation with streamlined serviced and tailor made for investment processes. Benefits include, public and private cloud hosting, multilingual platform, connectors to custodians, access to the API library and complimented with revolutionary technology. Bambu Go is more of the basic type with improving speed, flexibility and accuracy.