How to check the IP address?

There are many chances when the users need to login to the router. Most of the network users often feel the need to check in to the router when they want to make some changes or when they want to check certain things. The D-Link router login is generally requested by users who want to change the password which is provided by default, secure the network against any threat, troubleshoot when there s connection issues with the network.

Now the default IP address which is generally common to the D-Link router login will be It is the most common IP address used by popular router manufacturer which is D-link. Now when the users want to go ahead and use the D-Link router login to make changes then they need to check what their login address is?

One thing that the users should keep in mind is that the IP address is just numbers. The default address often faces correction issues which means that users should not mistakenly use ‘o’ rather than ‘0’. The number should be perfect and should be used correctly. The users should pay attention to the IP address and they can check them by following simple steps.

Go to the Start button and go to the search programs and files option, type ‘RUN’ there and hit enter. You will now have to click on the windows k or the button ‘R’ depending on the windows version and the app will be launched.  Now click on CMD and then click on ‘Ok’ on the box, you can hit enter instead as well as both will lead to same results.

A command box will open type ipconfig and press enter.  You will see Default gateway and a number mentioned post that, this is your IP address for the devices and network that you are using.