Is Instagram  Amazing? Showcasing Some Extraordinary Aspects Of This Platform!

not a thing to hide but it’s a thing to celebrate. Here on Instagram, you can be you in many different ways.

Instagram…..a well-known app for photo and video-sharing in social networking services which was owned by facebook. As we all know that instagram is used more than any other in our mobiles and daily’s a beneficial app for optimistic, newsfeeder for people, enjoyment for youth, the best buddy to introverts and extroverts to express their feelings…

Do you know me? :

  • Follower’s are the one’s who follow others based on their interest and passion
  • Do you ever think of the private and public settings???
  • So, private settings are like going to relative’s home where we feel comfortable and joyful.
  • But, public settings are like going to a hostel where we feel like somewhat strange, anxiety and so on…


  • Followers are not framed by a second
  • To watch a movie, we prefer by chances like that following someone also preferred by our chance and interest.
  • Based on that following or unfollowing is also simple as it is.
  • So increase in followers or unfollowers is same as like our article. Am i right??

You must be thinking - How can a person get fame by just posting pictures and stuff? Here's your guide.

Pic of the day :

Likes are like an ice-cream, where the post gets like based on the flavour of it. Likes don’t rush and flush like a rain but comes like a sunrise where we feel warm feeling with good don’t get trapped in likes mania and enjoy the world of your’s with your passion.

Likes :

  • Giving a like to a post on instagram is not an easy task for all of us
  • Does youy even know that some people just gives likes and scrolls the scroll bar for time pass?
  • And the others likes the post based on their mindset, interset, and passion
  • Do you ever realize tha liking a post gives money to the accountholder?
  • Yes,everything on instagram goes commercial when the content reaches the persons like a cool breeze in hot summer…
  • Liking and dislikng can hurts a person based on hoe they took to it themselves
  • Instagram is for enjoyment, so just see like that

Differences you observe… :

  • Liking a post inturn results into following the account, where we feel like it is habituated
  • Some persons increases their content based on their following as it make sthem profitable
  • Insta accounts are nowadays increasing because of the advanced features.
  • Instagram posts are relatable to encourage oneself by motivation, quotations, devotional, and photography also.

So likes and followers are like  a taste of recipe, where the overall spices gets cooooked well, based on the taste of receipe. So, likes and followers should not effect on ourselves based on how we react to it.

The final conclusion:

Instagram being a flashy platform tries to attract as many users as possible through And this may result in many users getting addicted to instagram, which leads to degradation in their mental health. Things are created digitally to attract attention and to make people get addicted to their products.Bullying and bad comment over social network is another factor which affects people’s mental and social life.