Why is it crucial to have a security camera?

attendance system

These days many things can be misplaced or stolen in big companies or stores. So for that, we must choose a time attendance system for your building. This system will help you to be assured and focus on your work. You will get to know that who is entering your building at which time. At huntaway security’s website, they are providing different types of time attendance systems. You can also check their types of systems and select from them.

Types of time attendance systems by huntaway security 

First is the Maxview CU-F391 time admittance system

This system has a facial recognition feature and also a biometric fingerprint reader. It has a scanner and limited-time promotion as well. You can prefer this system if you want a face recognition feature.

The second is ZK TF1700

This system has a fingerprint feature, card option, and pin 3 in 1 scanner also. But there is no face recognition feature in this system. It is a weatherproof enclosure and, it can store up to 2,200 fingerprint templates, cards, and many transactions.

Third is ChiyuBiosense III

This system has a fingerprint feature, biometrics, pin reader, and card option. This system is a real-time monitor for any company and web-based.

Fourth is ZK MultiBio 700

This system also has face recognition and fingerprint feature. It can accept face capacity up to 400 and, there will be no issue. And it has more recognition speed than other systems.