What is the flow through the filter and its benefits?

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Flow-through filter for a pond is a filter form that works from the highest point of the point by using a pump in the water. The water from the pump enters theĀ doorstroomfilter vijver and flows back into the pond after the cleaning process.

It is not operated by mechanical or biological function, as it can damage the nutrient present in the pond water. This doorstroomfilter vijver is used to clean medium size or larger ponds. It works by floating over the surface of the pond and cleaning the water by using a pump to suck the water. This type of filter is suitable to clean the pond up to 1,40,000 liters.

The function of this cleaner is to clean the water that enters into the filter by the pump and send back the water into the pond after cleaning. As they are floating over the surface, they can be reached quickly and easily for cleaning and maintenance after its work. This system is also introduced with a self-cleaning function that cleans the microorganisms after the cleaning process is over.

garden design

Benefits of using a flow through the filter

  • Easy cleaning
  • It can be used to clean the ponds with fish stock
  • It provides high-flow volume
  • As they float on the surface of the pond, it is easy to maintain

If you wish to keep your surrounding pond clean and neat, this flow-through filter helps you a lot. As it offers many advantages and is simple to operate.