Secret Behind Magic Eraser Mop

Factors Considered While Manufacturing New Magic Eraser Mop

Many people in the kitchen used eraser Mop due to grease splatters, scummy rings in the bathtub, steaks of crayon on newly painted walls. But these types of fouls are generally powerless against the cleaning strength of magic eraser mop. As this product is hitting the market since a decade ago, the eraser has mainly grounded up a base that can swear by magic. But the main secret behind this type of material that can make this scrubber is melamine foam, which is the same as kinds of stuff used widely as acoustic insulator in the recording studios, which is more or less magic and has simple chemistry.

What is Melamine?

It Is known as a simple organic base that is informed of some white crystals. But when these types of crystals are combined with some other compound, it can also transform into some plush foam that is the best magic eraser combining with sand pepper having a microscopic texture. You can also use this for scrubbing off the sticky scum and dirt from all types of the surface, but you should avoid using this type of scrubbers on glossy and delicate exteriors. In addition, this substance contains high nitrogen content that can make it more useful for flame retardant and fertilizer.

People have given many positive reviews to these products, which provide easy and comfort handling of grip, which helps clean more efficiently. It also contains some pivoting features that can make scrubbing difficult. These are so provided assembly time where there is nothing real assembly for a mop, and it is much pretty and ready for moving out of the box.

It also has good design quality that is due to the good idea, which is terrific, and the main problem is difficulty in removing the water from the head of the mop, which is an awkward handle design leaving a better design.