Feminism Is Not A Topic Of Debate For Them


What goes through one’s mind when they are sitting in the theatre seats and watching Gal Gadot block the bullet from the MG42’s thundering rounds and you finally feel content for buying that amazing looking wonder woman t-shirt and it was worth that every penny for the action packed movie of Diana’s origin as well as the united efforts to stop the world domination in the justice league movies.When you want to stop all the injustice in the world, it does not have to be as extreme as Batman in risking your own life and beating criminals with your bare hands and leading a double life but to make a difference with your actions in actually doing things that would help the people, since we all know that actions speak louder than words all the time. If you want to stop the problems of the world, one must be the change and adopt ways in which you can help people rather than to just speak the words and then leave it at that. Somehow not doing anything does not leave a good mark on people.

The More You Have, The Less It Is

In most cases, the more you have the more you will literally possess but in the terms of having an island full of superwomen is something that not even Zeus would have predicted. Themiscira, the home of Diana, as we later come to know as wonder woman is something of an anomaly in that she does not care about her past or what she feels is her birth and heritage but the only thing that matters is justice and no matter what the cause of it she is and always will be a permanent and key part of the league and those wonder woman tshirt collection will not go be just for fun but carry true meaning.


Wearing something does not mean that you are just a fan but also supporting the ideals of that particular idea and this is the kind of idea that you want to be a part of.