Amazing Puzzles for Kids and Adults


For all technological devices in the market right now, none of them will captivate joy and imagination as much as the UGears wooden puzzle. Wooden mechanical toys aren’t just made for the kids, but also adults enjoy making them too. The mechanical wooden toys by UGears offer many hours of creative fun and problem solving. These beautifully designed mechanical models from wood are goo activities that people will build together. When completed, you won’t just feel highly satisfied by your job well done however has the artistic and moveable keepsake that you can display and show your friends as well.

Not like computerized games, the UGears models give you the hands-on and DIY activity, which stimulates various senses and you can find all of them at Instead of watching the screen, with the 3D puzzles, you not just look at these pieces but may touch them as well as hear pieces join together. When completed, just turn this crank to watch the wooden mechanical model to come to life.

Start from the Basics

The wooden puzzles for children have a lot of benefits. At the time when kids are spending a lot of time on the handheld devices, the wooden puzzle kits from UGears offer the unique alternative to them. With a wide range of the designs to select from like safe with the door, which locks or Hurdy Gurdy wooden puzzle, the parents may have no trouble in finding something their kids would like to build in their free time.


Tickle Your Mind

There‘re various skill developing advantages of building the tactile puzzles kits. As they’re hands-on projects, the UGears models, like Horse Mechanoid improves the dexterity as well as fine motor skills. The problem-solving and eye-hand coordination, as well as sense of touch can be stimulated just by putting it together the 3D wooden puzzle. Thus, reading skills improve while following instructions to put 3D puzzle for the kids together.

Improve Your Interests

The UGears selection of the puzzle kits enables you to explore the interests. Your small ones will be very thrilled to build their own mechanical Blooming puzzle while train enthusiast will deepen the appreciation for the new and old track runners just by building their Steam Locomotive and many other puzzles out there.

Sense of Achievement

When constructing the wooden gears boosts your confidence and every wooden puzzle kit, just like popular Tower Windmill, will take many hours to assemble together. However, when this puzzle is done, puzzle maker can be left feeling sense of accomplishment as well as personal satisfaction of completing hands-on project. So, overall it is one great achievement that they get the feeling of, which is very special.