Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery for a Better Life

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancer and affects every kind of skin. The numbers are increasing by the day. Usually, skin cancer is detected at the later stages when there is a need for immediate treatment.

If a person is diagnosed with skin cancer, the doctor may recommend surgery for removing and preventing the spread of cancer. Skin cancer reconstructive surgery is also recommended based on the type of cancer and the affected area that needs to be removed. It not only replaces the skin and tissue but also minimizes scarring.

The procedure may include Mohs surgery, a well-known and effective method to treat almost all types of skin cancer. With this technique, it has become possible to identify and remove cancer without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.

After the treatment of cancer, it is also vital to reconstruct the treated area. The doctor may tell you if there is a need for the procedure and what kind of procedure is needed. It could be carried out immediately after the surgery or after some time.

Why Arviv Plastic Surgery?

At Arviv Plastic Surgery, you can get the treatment you need. Here are some reasons for choosing them over the others:

  • The skin surgeons at the clinic are experienced with skin cancer reconstructive surgery post-treatment. They have the knowledge of the latest surgical techniques. They are skilled in restoring the site of skin cancer that it looks normal.
  • The surgeons are professional and devoted to the well-being of their patients. They consult with the patients, their friends, and their families.
  • The staff there is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable stay by supporting you with your needs.

The board-certified surgeon Dr. Ahmed Abdullah is internationally celebrated for his surgical works. And if there is a doctor like him that is assisting the surgery, you certainly shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Arviv Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida is your one-stop to change your life after fighting skin cancer. You can know more about it by viewing patients’ reviews if you still have some doubts. To schedule a consultation you can visit their official website.