Understand the facts about racism

Therefore, these are the ways for those who have a question that How to end racism?

The racism that involves prejudice and discrimination based upon the biological differences between the people.Racism can emerge in many ways. It might take over with the social beliefs and practices or in the political systems based on racial qualities. It is the assumption of many people where particular race has the difference inherent traits and qualities.Depending on the race they are treated differently within the society. With these issues, many started to protest against the racism with the black lives matter flag to get their value in the society.

How people fighting to avoid racism?

In the US, racism reached in peak and black people are getting humiliated or tortured in the various ways. When it comes to education many of the students suspended without any explanation. Police used to stop the black people even they innocent compared to the white people. Research has shown that many students are facing the race-based bullying or harassment. It affects many students health mentally.

Also, white patients get a better quality health care service than the black people. They don’t get the proper treatment, due to this behavior Black Americans raising black lives matter flagfor the justice. Anyone could not tolerate these things by keeping on bullying in various activities.

Arrest rates in America also against black Americans. Once they arrested, they are likely to be in the prison for lengthy times. Unemployment is another major issue in the America. Most of the black people are unemployed than the white individuals.