The common problems which can destroy marriage

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In any relationship, there are some difficulties, which can cause a relationship to falter; The important thing is that husband and wife are committed to each other to resolve conflicts and thus get out of this situation. Click here for marriage counseling lafayette la.

Lack of time

Lack of time is one of the most recurrent conflicts, caused today by extensive working hours.

The advisable thing, in this case, is to efficiently invest the time spent at work and try to cut schedules; If this is not possible, you should take advantage of free time to go out as a couple and share the quality of time. Visit this site for marriage counseling lafayette la.

Incompatibility or different interest

Do not idealize the relationship. It must be understood that the couple is a life companion. This allows us to understand the individuality of being. When this is achieved, mutual support and respect appears.


Sex life is not everything in the marriage, but it is basic. Communication is the basis for understanding the need of the other and reaching fullness. If there is any physical or emotional problem, seek help.


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The conflicts must be resolved by the husband and wife. Do not let third parties intrude into the relationship. There must be a bond of respect between husband and wife and establish rules of respect.

The influence of friends

So that friends do not cause conflicts in the marriage, it is important to respect the each other’s individuality, as well as accept emotional ties without reproach or jealousy.


The first cause of problem at home is related to the budget. This regularly lies in the fact that money is not enough. It can also happen because one of the two earns more.

Internet use

The excessive use of technology harms cohabitation. In addition, it can lead to virtual infidelity.

When to seek help?

– If there are disrespects.

– If the fights cause the person to deconcentrate in work activities.

– When there is fear of any kind, such as fear of being attacked or left alone.

– Psychological and physical violence is an indicator that the relationship is wrong.


– The secret of every relationship is to learn to listen to the other and support him/her at all times.

– The basis of good communication is trust.

– It is important to understand that each person is an individual, distinct being and needs space.

– A stable and healthy relationship is based on dialogue, understanding, love and respect.

– Everyone must accept their responsibility in the deterioration of the relationship.

– There are problems that can be solved by understanding and empathy.

– When conflicts cannot be resolved through dialogue, it is important to seek professional help.