Shincheonji – Not a bad place

The appearance of the tract:

Shincheonji was founded in 1984 by Lee-Man hee. It has attracted more than 200,000 adherents in its home country South Korea, along with that numerous followers from other countries including the U.S. When you ask about the shincheonji to the people, they would say it as south korea cult. If you need to become a member of the church, then you have to join the Bible study-center. The Bible study is located in downtown Seoul, and Lee is the director of education.

They keep their activities secret as there is a sign of “No Shincheonji” in South Korea from the other Christians. Shincheonji is far different from other churches as it gives a deep course of study into the Bible. The classes held mostly five days a week. Also, shincheonji members are shining in their fields. Only the exception of cases has the problem to maintain their relationship with their families.

The holy book ‘’ Book of Revelation’’

Everyone dressed with the same white shirt gathers and seated in neat rows on the floor at the main house for the worship. The group is making an effort to show their activities transparent. All these services are exclusive, and the believers requested to complete at least six months of Bible study. Only after becoming proficiency in the scriptures, they can attend a big type of services.

Members of the shincheonji say that all the critics and controversial aspects of their church are wrong. One of the controversial aspects of the church is a member are taught differently than the mainstream of other Christians actually do. One of the teachers of Bible-study center denies and says everything is taught according to the Bible.

Make the decision based upon what you have learnt and then join south korea cult. Don’t take the decisions with the misleading and what you hear about the shincheonji.