Information About Dugi’s Ultimate WOW Guide

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If you found this page, you may have heard about Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide. It is a leveling guide by a Wow player, also known as Dugi, called Dave Farrell. The guide is an addon or software file to be installed on your computer. You may browse the Leveling Guide once installed while playing wow gold tbc at the same time. You may view the tutorial on your warcraft world in a small window.

The guide is pre-loaded step by step with directions on which searches to take, how to perform them, and how to finish them. You only have to follow the tutorial, and you may level from 1 to 80, depending on how well-trained and experienced you are, in 5-10 days.

However, it has been asked if Dugi is charging us money for an addon obtained from the Internet for free. Due to Blizzard’s newest policy change in selling addons, many players have been wary of buying addons for wow, since they are contrary to Blizzard Terms and Conditions.

wow gold tbc

Yes and no, the response to the first question. This is because you need to install a third-party plugin called Tom-tom to utilize Dugi’s Ultimate Wow Manual, or you may use Carbonite instead. These addons may be downloaded from websites like or free of charge. But then you must install Dugi’s Tutorial Viewer to watch a step-by-step leveling guide that Dugi produced specially. So you need to install both addons.

Dugi or Dave Farrell placed his reputation on the line for every wow player interested in purchasing his ultimate leveling guide. Based on the following statement. To put it simply, you have to test this technique and see for yourself if you want to level your WoW toon in 5 or 8 days of playing time.

You may download the ultimate wow guide viewer to supplement the Carbonite or Tom-Tom Addon you get for free. But without Dugi’s Ultimate Wow Guide, which took the years of Dugi to create, you would waste your time walking purposely and performing false missions.

I realize it may seem a little complicated, but all you have to know is that thousands of gamers have bought Dugi’s Ultimate Wow Guide and have raised several toons and toons.