Learning disabilities are very common it can be by birth or genetically kids are affected they are behave different from normal kids of their age and behaves hyperactive and some aggressively. For such special kids unique techniques are required to handle them and educate and them responsible.Making them discipline and responsible individuals. At same it is important to know the symptoms and awareness about such disorder to identify them.


Learning disabilities singapore are always not the reasons for children’s irregular development. In pre scholars early age children with learning disabilities may understand lately in speech and language skillsand also at gross and fine motor skills .Their attention in place for longer time.Young age kids might face issues in learning and remembering, LSRWG, expressing themselves and concentrating.

In Singapore special schools deals with different learning disorders such as dyslexia which is a reading disorder child may find difficult to recognize the alphabets and their sounds .Difficulty in understanding words and their sounding even explaining them in loud manner.

Dyscalculia is mathematics disorder where child can’t understand mathematical concepts, numbers can’t solve mathematical problems. Dysgraphia is a writing disorder child may face trouble in holding pencil or pen difficulty in forming letters and space between the words.

Non verbal learning disability is a disorder where child has a good verbal skills but poor visual and understanding skills .Child will be messy and confusing  having poor social interactions and difficulty in mathematics.

All this conditions include special care and attention to push the kids for overall development.