Solar installers: know what to ask when considering solar energy

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Before you start thinking about hiring solar installers, there are some things you should know. Yes, it is quite easy to browse the Internet or browse the yellow pages to find the installer, but do you really know what questions these solar installers should ask? Things like; Do they have experience with networked and autonomous systems? Did you work in residential and commercial real estate? This will give you an idea of ​​whether they are really experts in the various types of systems in the market.

Remember that, as a customer, you must consider your own interests. Therefore, when the contractor arrives at your home for an initial on-site review, ask what recommendations you can give for your home. Know where the best part of your roof is to install the panels and then ask the same for the installer. With your help, you will discover if you really have the knowledge about the importance of installing solar panels.

Follow-up training class

Most solar panel manufacturers offer contractors a follow-up training class that helps them keep abreast of all the changes in this ever-changing industry. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have received such training and with which brands, they are most familiar.

solar installation bloomsburg pa

A very good way to verify the reputation of your solar installer is to ask them for the phone numbers or addresses of previous customers. By contacting previous clients and asking about their experience working with the contractor you have chosen, you will know for sure if the customer satisfaction statements were true. Do not swing or impress, just by looking at photographs of the so-called previous installations.

Another very important aspect of the installation of solar panels is the electric side of things. Most people seem to think that all electricians are about the same. This cannot be said about the installation of solar panels. For this reason, you should know if the person who will take care of your panels has received full training on how photovoltaic solar panels work, as well as the correct solar installation bloomsburg pa procedures.

Not all solar systems come with a full warranty

In most cases, the panels are usually closed, but what about the rest of the system? If your chosen brand does not cover all the details and does not ask the contractor, do they give guarantees? Regardless of whether they are covered by the manufacturer or the contractor, you should obtain the best possible warranty.

Ask your solar installer if you can see your insurance documents. This may sound a bit cheeky, but how else do you find out if your house was damaged during installation? The contractor must have adequate insurance coverage to compensate for these losses. This is extremely important because they are designed to work on your roof, and the last thing you will want is leaking when the weather is bad.