Pioneering in the delicate world of Sensory marketing

music solutions

Ever wondered what influences the business decisions being made the most. Having a wish to put a positive spin to it.Thesolution to this has been cracked long back by the strategic solutions company named equal strategy 23 years ago and has since then named a giant in the Asian markets of sensory marketing.

  • The dealings of the marketing company is so subtle that it is almost invisible yet plays a major role in guiding the course of customer experience which is very evident in the feedbacks and increased revenue to the brand owners.
  • Hence many ambitious brands are employing the help of these sensory marketing strategist that can provide and implement the smart solutions at one place.
  • This being said making use of the scientific behavioral data available, for example- that 80% of our memory is related to smells. Data like this can definitely come in handy while there are services in pursuit of curating the best brand experience there is.
  • Not only this the music one listens to has a very positive influence on the mind and can make a positive impact on the mind thus making the whole experience positive.

Going into the technicalities

  • With 23 years of experience and always striving to be better by taking their customer preferences into consideration the strategic solutions company has collaborated with Dorm, one of the world’s top three fragrance brands.
  • Not only this the music solutions music library hasmore than 8 million licensedtracks from known and upcoming artists as well and this also has an added benefit of cost cutting when approached individually. This helps them to decide the different music for different places in accordance with the brand preferences and can be placed all over the world in the customer’s outlets.