Is Maxim Cargo The Right Choice For You


Maxim cargo and Deliveree are two quite famous apps in terms of sending goods, cargo, and many other personal items. But how would you know, which of the two is more reliable?

Here, we have gone through both Maxim as well as Deliveree services to draw comparisons so that we can come to a rough conclusion.

This is an honest comparison based on a couple of aspects like

  • Pricing
  • Fleet

To begin with, we will look at the pricing aspect first, which claims Deliveree’s shipping rates are more economical as compared to Maxim’s. The difference is Deliveree’s lower base price combined with freeloading as well as unloading. Whereas Maxim works differently with a more expensive base price plus you are separately charged for loading and unloading.

Second is fleet choice, where Deliveree has again won by a huge margin, with Deliveree the plus is, you have sufficient choices to choose from like city cars, trucks, and so on. However, Maxim is just restricted to Motorbikes, city cars, and basic pick-ups to meet its cargo services. Also as we enquired further, we learned the motorbikes and city cars are only used in case of sending documents and small packages, for smaller larger shipments, it’s primarily confined to small pick-ups.


From a couple of points above, it’s quite clear that Deliveree is a safer as well as practical option to go in with, however, Maxim Cargo has its set of advantages as well especially when you have deliveries in cities outside of Java where Deliveree does not operate. But it would be far better if they would broaden their cargo services a little further mixed with more vehicle choices.