Best Practices for Employee Planning

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Retail and service managers often spend countless hours in programming and employee lists, trying to get the right time. Obtaining the “right” solution is crucial to maintain the right level of service, satisfied customers and the quality of employee retention.

If you are one of these managers, you will be interested in the following employee planning recommendations.

  • Consider peak hours and high season; dead hours and low season when the number of employees is distributed per shift. You want your customers to receive proper attention. Clarity creates chaos for customers and employees.
  • Plan vacations, weekends, holidays in advance. Why wait until the last minute? Ask your staff to complete a rest request form at least one month in advance. Your employees will appreciate the work in a company that cares about your free time.

Time Clock Wizard

  • When planning, consider the preferences of your employees. Some prefer night shifts or weekends, while others do not particularly like them, but they want them for higher wages. Distribute high demand changes among employees as uniformly as possible.
  • Always send copies of your schedules to your employees at least one month before approval. Ask them to make sure the schedules are not conflicting, complete their weekly hours / fees and match their preferences, click to learn more.
  • Schedule a weekend for training in advance. If your company offers training courses and seminars, you should include them in your agenda. Be sure to know who is registered to receive training throughout the year to account for your absence.
  • Create a support list of support employees. There is no need to climb for a replacement; prepare a list of employees ready to replace absent employees who call patients at the last minute.