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Referring to the history of professional world, the concept originated in 1980s with the rise of call centers. Here many offices and businesses shared a premise to cut down their costs and perform their operations efficiently.

We can see similar concepts in the legal system where ‘barristers’ or lawyers share a premise by renting a room or chamber within an area.  These areas are highly professional and provide all facilities required to carry out professional affairs. Whether we talk about US, UK or services office, Singapore, the same applies everywhere.

Some working spaces are either too extra on budget or some are not up to the standard. Some spaces does not comply with our conditions and for some, their conditions do not match with our mindsets.

Serviced office is boon for startups or small businesses where they lack the required resources to operate efficiently.  They are low of budget and trying to put their finances to the best use. Due to the sharing of space, these are much more cost effective than owning and maintaining and actual office space.

Let us look deeper into it

A serviced office is an office building which is fully equipped with all the amenities and is managed by a single or a group of authority. It helps new entrepreneurs, interims, project based client to rent a working space and do their work without any hassle.

It is a good option to rent a serviced office Singapore because of the following advantages:

  1. The serviced offices are affordable and does not cost too much on our financial budget.
  2. It comes with insurance.
  3. Administrative support is available round the clock.
  4. Telecom services are available.
  5. Infrastructure is well-built.
  6. There are conference rooms, meeting rooms available.
  7. Full time security
  8. There’s no need to splurge on furniture, air and heat conditioners.
  9. Most of the serviced offices are located at prime locations giving you a good exposure to national as well as international investors.
  10. Building maintenance is included in the cost.

Some of the benefits of these facilities are: low cost, prestigious official address and immediately ready to move in setup.