Color Your Nails With Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Painting the nails can be done both at home and in a nail salon. If you have that budget to pamper in a nail salon, then go for it. But, if you don’t have that budget, why not buy a manicure kit and nail polish? By buying these nail tools, you can make use of it many times. So, you can save money from going to a nail salon. A DIY manicure can be done. It is very easy to do and simple to follow the steps on how to do it. To start with, you might be aware of what semi-permanent nail polish is. It is a type of varnish with special nail polishes to be cured by UV or LED lamp. LED or UV can dry and fixed the nail polish applied. With the lamp, it is impossible to cure the nail polish. Meaning, it never gets dry without it.

Semi-permanent varnish and nail gel

Semi-permanent varnish and nail gel

You don’t need to get embarrassed by cracked or brittle nails. You have attempted to regrow the nails, still, it ends up the same issue. Even nail polish can’t help the said problem. Do you consider getting acrylic nails or gel nails? Gel nails are false nails. it is applied directly to give a natural nail. There is also an artificial nail attached to the tip of the nails to gain length. The gel is catalyzed under the UV lamp. After it is hardened, it creates a natural nail that is ready to varnish. Semipermanentes varnish can also be applied between classic varnish and nails-in-gel. It is applied with similar simplicity and the same texture of nail polish. Each layer must be cured by the UV lamp. Meaning, never skip a coating without getting cured or else, the whole application will get damaged. Once completed, the nails are painted with a beautiful a solid and very bright uniformed color.

The advantages of semi-permanent varnish

When compared to gel nails, semi-permanent varnish can be applied simply and quickly. Semipermanentes varnish kits can be at home. Anyone can buy the kit at an affordable price. You can shop online or buy in any department stores in your town. It has endless decor and colors on the nails with a similar result to the traditional nail polish. This is a type of ideal manicure, perfect for any event or holiday to have on nails. You must keep in mind that it must be properly applied, or else, you can’t achieve the kind of look you wanted to achieve.