How to make money through your videos on YouTube by increasing your YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube subscribers

YouTube is probably the largest video sharing platform on the internet right now. It showcases millions of videos by people all over the world. Also, people from any part of the world have access to all these videos (unless, of course, there are privacy settings applied). For normal people, YouTube is an excellent video sharing platform, but many people do not know that YouTube pays people with more views and subscribers. In this article, exploring the unexplored side of YouTube, we shall see how to make money on YouTube through your YouTube subscribers and videos.

Why does YouTube Pay its users?

YouTube does not really pay all of its users or people who have their own channels. It pays only those people who have more views and subscribers than the predetermined threshold.

Actually, the number of subscribers does not directly translate itself into money. But the money that YouTube pays is based on the number of ads displayed to the viewers and the number of clicks that go to the advertisers. The number of subscribers just makes sure that a particular number of people know about the latest video from a particular channel.

YouTube receives a commission from the firms that advertise their products and then pay the channel owners their share (55% of the amount is paid to the video makers).

YouTube subscribers

How do I Qualify to be a paid channel?

To become a paid channel or YouTuber, first of all, you should make an agreement with YouTube regarding the display of advertisements to your views. It is mentioned in the contract that you will be paid for every 10,000 views on your videos.

Once one of your videos cross 10,000 views, you will be credited with the mentioned amount on your account.

To make a decent earning out of YouTube, you need to concentrate on creating engaging and entertaining content and make sure you have a good number of YouTube subscribers. With this, you can get paid for making videos.

This was all the basic information you should know about making money through YouTube subscribers. All the Best!!