Custom Branding Irons & Keys For Making the Successful Mark

Custom Branding Irons

Used to mark the materials such as cork, wood, plastics, leather, rubber, paper, and many more, the branding irons are the marking solution, which are found across a lot of industries or applications.

What Are the Branding Irons Been Used For?

The branding irons are used often to permanently mark the trademarks, manufacturer’s names and logos straight in the item. These marks made by the wood branding irons are been embedded very deeply in material so that they resist wear & tear, and leaving the long lasting and simple to read mark of an item. Other than glass and metal, the branding irons will mark nearly any kind of material so they’re used widely across a wide range of the applications or industries. Some commonly branded items that includes tires, lumber, handmade crafts, plastic parts, saddles, furniture, or leather goods.

Custom Irons

Custom Irons

The branding irons comprise of 2 components: the branding iron and the branding die. Branding iron is an actual tool, which heats up as well as is used for pressing die in a material. Branding leather cutting die is been attached to branding iron as well as includes engraved text and image that can get branded in substrate getting marked. Branding die part of the branding iron package actually is a part of set up, which is customizable. When you have this system in place, the hand held and drill press branding iron, customized branding die will be affixed to iron to create the custom and indelible marks.