Play Bitcoin Games and Earn Bitcoins Easily

bitcoin games

Bitcoins have been able to gain a hike in their share price after the October downfall and it has literally become very difficult to mine these cryptocurrencies due to legal boundaries. But, with the introduction of web-based Bitcoin games, you can now mine as many Bitcoins as you want and even sell them to earn cash.

The Bitcoin games

The Bitcoin games usually consist of a dice game that helps you to earn free Bitcoins. You only have to follow simple steps to be able to get the free coins that you can gamble along to fetch some more.

The 3 simple and easy steps are as follows

  1. Register yourself with a valid e-mail ID and create an account. No deposit is required and upon registration, you will be eligible to claim free bitcoins.
  2. Claim the free bitcoins in hourly spins and you can win up to bitcoins of $200 worth every day.
  3. As you get the free coins, you can gamble them in various games such as Hi-Lo, gambling dice, and roulettes to multiply your Bitcoins to nearly 5000 times.

The Bitcoin dice game is a free online game that doesn’t require any deposit. The game is simple with a high cost-to-reward ratio. The high quality of game play and sheer simplicity makes it more fun and you can hit the jackpot by rolling in your winnings.

bitcoin games

The controller of games

You can control the bet through various ways. The website provides you with three betting options and they are manual betting, auto betting, and jackpot roulette. In the manual setting, you have to decide the amount of bet along with the time whereas auto betting allows you to set the parameters on the browser and the browser does the work for you.

In addition to all these features, you can also select your betting odds ranging from 2x to 4750x and based on your decision, you can select the risk factor. With so much opportunity, either you can increase your winning opportunity or you can play safe. However, if you’re adventurous, you can opt for the jackpot where you need to put on a wager and see the bucks rolling into your account.